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Our mission is powering maritime to zero emission by 2050

Ocean Prime's platform rapidly matches owners and operators to zero emission vendors with the latest products and services. Founded in London, UK in 2022, we're leading the industry forward to achieve an ambitious 2050 zero emission timeline.


We are first principal thinkers and doers, re-imagining a zero emission world with appealing economics and intelligent analysis.  We use the most advanced technology, work with experts from maritime and other industries, creating extraordinary "system level" solutions.  You won’t find technology stacks delivering powerful, intelligent, and affordable clean maritime systems anywhere else.


Led by an experienced technology entrepreneur and one of industries leading and forward thinking naval architects, it’s not rockets, space or travel to Mars that quickens our pulse, but the much more challenging and super exciting problem of how to accelerate adoption of new technology in the maritime industry to achieve zero emission by 2050.  


We know we need show what we can do, so we are presently working with our partners on two very different powerful zero emission systems alongside building a platform that will accelerate and amplify our proposition empowering every boat, ship and yacht to adopt zero emission by 2050.

We will set new industry standards as we bring affordable, powerful zero emission systems to market and will continue to challenge sluggish, oil-centric thinking in every sector of the maritime industry with a train of innovative powerful, affordable zero emission vessel and system design.

Our mission is powering maritime to zero emission by 2050
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